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Better Control Across Your Fashion Supply Chain

With the retail scenario in the fashion industry taking a new turn, many aspects of the fashion supply chain are emerging. The challenges of the global supply chain are increasing because of labor shortages, frequent lockdowns and port pile-ups, and escalation in container costs. To compound global supply chain issues a fashion organization’s  manual processes and disjointed tech platforms don’t help supply chain control. Furthermore, the need to manufacture more products in a shorter lead time calls for optimization of the end-to-end fashion supply chain to compete effectively and meet customer expectations.


BlueKaktus is a data-driven, cloud-based platform that specializes in transforming supply chains and making fashion supply chains future-ready. It connects all the different stakeholders involved in the fashion supply chain on a single platform by digitizing the entire process flow. 


Following are the issues with the fashion supply chain & here is how BlueKaktus can solve these problems by optimizing the supply chain:


1.     Disjointed Tech Platforms:

In today’s world, fashion companies need to build a system that is integrated, aligning departments and bringing transparency in the flow of data. If technology  systems are disjointed, it impacts the overall user experience and lowers visibility across the fashion supply chain. BlueKaktus overcomes these challenges by managing data across all the departments on a single platform, thereby providing a single source of truth. Its advanced PLM and ERP are integrated for users to communicate seamlessly for efficient processes.


2.     Rapidly Changing Fashion Trends:

As fashion trends are evolving rapidly, the need for buying closer to the market has become a pressing need. Buyers need to prevent inventory overstock positions and which results in tied up capital . BlueKaktus maintains stock levels by optimizing  inventory, avoiding over/ under-stock situations. By using BlueKaktus, many leading fashion houses have experienced an improvement in inventory turns by 50-100%. 


3.     Delayed Decision Making:

Disconnected supply chains and lack of information transparency results in slow  decision-making for a lot of apparel organizations. This generally happens because of a lack of information provided to business decision makers and function heads. BlueKaktus resolves this  challenge with a click of a button through a mobile application. It gives managers timely notifications to prepare in advance for any delays or mishaps. It avoids unfavorable situations and helps in shortening  lead times by 15-20%. 


We are a team of fashion business enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing a radical change to the global fashion supply chain. Technology is the only way to make smarter decisions and optimize supply chains. We would like to join  you in your journey towards creating a future-ready fashion supply chain and create value for your business enterprise.

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