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Digitized Single Source of Truth for Fashion Companies

We often use the term ‘Single Source of Truth’ in our day-to-day lives but have you ever wondered what value it holds for the fashion business? 

It originally comes from a field of information systems where the data is stored in a single place making it easier for stakeholders to analyze and use it for taking future decisions. The objective of having an SSOT platform is to give users a 360-degree view of multi-stakeholder data, across all functions and external partners. BlueKaktus has come up with technology solutions using AI & ML to create a platform that can be used to store data effectively. It updates the information in real-time, gives access to reports, analyzes various scenarios, and ensures timely deliverables. 

One of the biggest issues faced by fashion companies is supply chain complexities. These complexities increase as fashion companies link with more and more suppliers, source material from multiple vendors, expand their product offerings, and enter new markets. Therefore, Fashion companies need to think about future-ready solutions that minimize these complexities by optimizing their supply chain processes. BlueKaktus brings all enterprise data under one umbrella from concept to shelf as a repository in the system and gives holistic insights to stay competitive in today’s data-driven market.

BlueKaktus drives a single source of truth (SSOT) which leads to cost savings and time savings. The greater benefit is to bring total transparency of data across internal and external stakeholders leading to cohesive supply chain control and orchestration and more frequent OTIF occasions.

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