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Automate your Inventory Replenishment with an Algorithm

With the retail landscape becoming complex in terms of fluctuating customer demand, it is critical to maintain optimum inventory levels. If a retailer fails to have the right stock in the right store at the right time, there is a high possibility for them to lose the potential repeat customer due to the unavailability of desired products. Retailers are expected to have instant access to the right stock. In order to ensure the right amount of inventory levels, and automated replenishment system is a must to have.

BlueKaktus enables an automated replenishment system to manage your reorder levels based on real-time data, by monitoring the amount of stock that has actually been sold. With the help of its advanced algorithm, it automates the stock transfers from your warehouse to your stores and generates purchase orders that can be reviewed before they are sent to suppliers. It analyses inventory levels and lead times on a real-time basis. It proactively plans and re-orders stock to meet future sales requirements. 


Some of the benefits of BlueKaktus’ ARS tool are:

·       Increased on-time deliveries with lesser stock-outs.

·       Track and optimize inventory levels both at vendor and warehouse.

·       Inventory demand fulfillment via automation.

·       View sales trends & forecast demand.

·       Monitor vendor dispatch and production order with a single click.

·       Reduce Inventory holding by 40-50% while maintaining SLA levels.

·       Track actual sales data against the sales projections.

By arming your retail business with reliable live data and systems to automate replenishment using proven algorithms, you can transform your business efficiency and customer experience. At BlueKaktus we have helped our clients to leverage automated replenishment to become leading forces in the fashion industry. To find out how other retailers have made this work for them, simply contact our team for a free demo today!

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