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Embrace Smart Compliance System with BlueKaktus

Compliance in the apparel industry means conformity to set standards, practices, industry rules and government regulations. Unethical working conditions in garment factories have led to consumers demanding policies to change. Brands and retailers must ensure to have a point-based vendor compliance system in place. It will not only build consumers’ trust for the brand but will also ensure that ethical production is being practiced.


BlueKaktus Compliance is a cloud-based tool that can align all the compliance activities on a single platform and is popular for its time-saving capabilities with ready templates for compliance forms. There are effective, real-time dashboards showing the compliance health of the organization at one glance. Following are the features of BlueKaktus’ Compliance tool:

               Vendor rating scorecard based on a point system that tracks the compliance activities.

               Alerts & notifications for a vendor who doesn’t fulfill the compliance regulations. 

               Comprehensive view of the CAP report via visual dashboards configured as per the client’s requirements.

               Customizable checklist and compliance form that can be simply created in audit master as per any brand.

               Vendors can also perform a pre-audit self-assessment test to avoid rejections.


Implementing a robust compliance system like BlueKaktus can help you in digitizing the entire compliance process by replacing spreadsheets and manual form entries. It enhances visibility by reducing the information gap. There is a compliance checklist of all the central, state and industry-specific laws which can be monitored through one screen on a real-time basis. BlueKaktus also offers a centralized document repository to keep all the important registrations & licenses on one platform. 


Following are the steps that can be taken to fulfil the compliance needs by any fashion organization:

1.              Discover: Identify the laws which are relevant to your fashion business.

2.              Digitize: Switch to digital forms by choosing a set template or by creating a new form as per the organization’s needs.

3.              Map: Assign users based on the tasks/ departments.

4.              Monitor: Remind users of auto alerts & notifications for timely escalations.

5.              Evidence: Repository of documents on a single platform that can be reviewed at any time with a single click.

6.              Report: Graphical dashboards and visual reports for senior management to check the status of compliance at any time.


BlueKaktus is at the forefront of changing the way fashion industry works. With a vision to create the biggest digitally-enabled fashion supply chain platform in the world, BlueKaktus can help you keep a tab on all the laws and manage compliance holistically. Contact our team at to take your first step towards smart compliance.



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