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Why You Must Invest in a Good Quality Management System

Quality control needs to
start right when raw materials are procured. In our industry, competition is
exceptionally high amongst fashion brands. In 
today’s time keeping up with the quality standards is
paramount, else, you risk failing to live up to customer and industry demands
and waste a great deal of resources.

A garment manufacturing quality management system
(QMS) assures that certain policies and tasks are clearly defined to meet buyer
requirements related to quality control and assurance system that documents
processes, procedures, planning, responsibilities and task for achieving
quality goals and policies to meet buyer requirements.A quality management system
is focused on customer requirements and satisfaction through combine effort of
whole organization management by setting up a work standard.

There Are 2 Main Factors in Quality Management System-

Quality Assurance
A good quality management system ensures proper
planning, consistency & inspection in the manufacturing process. In Quality
Assurance, one needs to monitor, evaluate various aspects of a project, service
or facility to be able to maximize profitability.

The Cost of Quality
Cost of Quality in the garment industry is the
total cost involved in producing a high quality garment taking in account the
defects in the unfinished product as well. There are two types of cost of
quality, cost of good quality and cost of bad quality. One has to put a lot of
resources in finding and correcting mistakes in the manufacturing process. The
cost of quality can be defined as a collective spending of all the resources in
order to satisy the customer to achieve what is required. Companies with a
great quality management system will be highly effective & efficient.

Why Bluekaktus Quality Management System Is the Way to Go?

The apparel industry has gained momentum in the
digital transformation of design, development, production & logistics, but
lags significantly in the digitized quality management process.

BlueKaktus offers comprehensive operational
visibility that helps in identifying issues proactively. An end to end
automated quality management system ensures monitoring across the product

BlueKaktus fashion quality management software
caters to Real-time Quality Assurance through its Quality Module. Quality
Controllers can select and approve slots updated by vendors and plan their
visits accordingly. Quality Manager keeps track of all inspection activities
and sends updates in real-time.

Quality Assurance Modules Can Help You Save Time
and Cost. Some Major Advantages Include-

of real-time information to the concerned person(s)

of pictures through Mobile, assisting in on-time Defects Redressal

generation of reports by QC

of processes by Quality Manager through Geotagging

AQL charts which help in selecting Standard Sample Size

criteria for the sample to be passed

Dashboard providing analysis of defects visually


identify problems at early stages

production quality costs by 15-20%

inspection certificates & approvals

multiple defect levels and variable AQL levels

Calendars to set up milestones

progress in real-time

With BlueKaktus Quality Module in place, it would
become easier for Quality personnel to plan, schedule audits and track every
stage of Inspection and update defects real-time. Besides saving time, analysis
of defects also prove useful in reducing the cost of rework substantially.

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