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Automate, Speed-Up & Control your on-site Quality processes with BlueKaktus Zed-Q Application

Quality should not be “inspected into” a garment after it has been made, instead quality should always be “manufactured into” a garment at every step and checked repeatedly during production. Quality plays a very vital role in any manufacturing industry irrespective of its niche and size, the fashion industry not being an exception. Poor quality products not only tarnish the brand’s reputation but also leads to customer dissatisfaction, which in turn affects future sales. There is no way to deliver high-quality products without a comprehensive quality control system in place.

How Zed-Q reduces Rework & Rejection Rate in the Quality Inspection Process?


ZeD-Q by BlueKaktus is an easy-to-use application which automates the quality control process by enabling QC personnel to conduct, capture and record quality inspections onsite at the vendor’s location with any android/ iOS-enabled mobile device, making the entire process quicker and error free[sd2] . BlueKaktus Zed-Q has catered to more than 150 active lines with a ROI of up to 500%. 


Standout features of Zed-Q


● Cutting out chances of error- Nothing adds to your time and costs like avoidable mistakes, especially when it comes to quality inspections. If a bad batch of garments slips through, it can damage the reputation all around, which may hamper future business. Zed-Q ensures that quality inspections are carried out in a well-structured manner by giving red alerts for high priority situations. The defects can be categorized which makes the rectification process trackable, minimizing the chances of errors. By leveraging Zed-Q, fashion companies have experienced a reduction in DHUs by 2-3%.


● Providing Statistics for Each Supplier- The traditional approach leaves very little room for gathering and viewing statistics, but Zed-Q offers dashboards for defect analysis and quality analysis allowing you to review and track vendor’s and QC’s performances. 


● Real-Time Reporting-  Zed-Q saves lead time by 10-15% and enables the buying houses to review each activity with real-time data. This may result in quicker and more accurate decision making with proactive processes in place. The real time reports can be viewed by the managers to control damage and track line efficiency. 


● Mobile Application – With the Zed-Q Mobile application, QCs can do their work from anywhere, allowing them to take pictures of defects using mobile and upload them in real-time.  


Quality inspection is a very critical step for any garment manufacturing company, as manual production processes often result in products that are more prone to human errors and mistakes. Zed-Q quality control application makes it easy for the quality department to have a well-planned quality process and save annual costs by up to 5-8%.

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