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Why Do You Need Digital Sourcing Solution for Your Textile Needs?

The global market
for ready-to-wear apparel is valued at a whopping $800 billion. It’s one of the
most highly competitive industries with ever-changing trends and customer
demands. However, it’s an industry where not a lot of companies have adopted
the right technologies and communication happens via emails between suppliers,
manufacturers, and designers which often results in overproduction and frequent
product claims. 

Companies really
need to bring in the collaborative platform so that the brands can interact
with their supply chain in a more organized manner. This is where BlueKaktus
comes into the picture that value digital transformation as much as old-school


We’ve listed down
some reasons why a digital textile sourcing a solution like BlueKaktus is the
best for your business:





The lack of
availability of raw materials hinders the bulk manufacturing process. Limited
availability of raw materials can result in higher prices which will limit your
ability to recover expenses. Worse, you may have to turn down new clients
because your supplier wasn’t equipped enough to your demand. Being dependent on
a handful of suppliers has benefits and disadvantages. You can build strong
long-term relations for being a loyal client, or you may suffer if they have
trouble with their production.

Changing suppliers
that can offer the same fabric is never easy if you have limited contacts
within your area. With BlueKaktus, you can get in touch with a vast number of
suppliers that can give you the textile you’re looking for, with the same, or
even better quality.






Back in the days,
either you would travel to your supplier’s office or have the swatches
delivered to you both of which were expensive. One can now send copies of
samples via email which has its own disadvantage as those attachments might
still get lost in long email threads. 

Within the
BlueKaktus platform, you can do a real-time chat with your suppliers or your
team to make the decision-making process easier. One can annotate on the
swatch’s image giving a much clearer understanding of what needs to be





Keeping physical
catalogs can be quite cumbersome for anyone to sift through. Since the fashion industry
changes rapidly according to the trends, these may become outdated or may have
been completely removed from the supplier’s inventory. 
With digital
garment sourcing software like BlueKaktus, you can upload and store all your
favorite swatches online. 
Digital databases
can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Physical samples aren’t required
whenever one needs to refer to them. Teams can collaborate and access the
swatches for a more efficient workflow.

The BlueKaktus
platform will indicate if the garment sample is currently out of stock or not.
The platform also tells you the availability of a fabric and the capacity at
which a garment can be produced.



Thoughts on Our Digital Sourcing Solutions


Digital technology
innovations make it convenient to connect with local and international
A central database
where clients and suppliers can connect in a faster and more convenient way. 
With the
enhancements brought about by AI, BlueKaktus encourages more cost-effective
production among textile manufacturers and fosters a faster sampling process
for designers.


Feel free to
connect with us if you want to tap a wiser list of suppliers and also request a
personalized demo.


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