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Towards The Ultimate Digital Transformation: Buy It V/s Build It?

In today’s globally competitive environment, fashion companies find it very difficult to operate without a structured and uniform information system. Delivering incredible customer experiences in a world that views everything through the lens of customer centricity requires the enterprise offering solutions that are heavily aided by technology to deliver incredibly great experiences. This brings up the quintessential question: is build better than buy or is it the other way round? 


Following are the reasons why one should prefer BlueKaktus Cloud Solutions instead of building an ERP for their process flow management:

Proficient & Expert Opinion:

BlueKaktus is an industry specific solution developed with extensive research and 250 man years of experience in the fashion industry. Deep domain expertise  and a stable knowledge base makes it  worth the while of fashion companies to leverage BlueKaktus Fashion Cloud Solution. Set up by a founder who comes from the fashion industry, we understand the pain points and provide solutions accordingly that best fit your needs. 

Time is Money:

Building anything from scratch takes time. Leading fashion managers can’t spend months on analysing requirements to build a solution. The main reason for most of the businesses to consider the SaaS  is saving on  opportunity cost of time and dollars forgone in developing a new software for the cost benefit analysis.

Scope of the Project:

Most of the problems that companies are trying to solve are available in the buy softwares. Even if the company’s requirements fall into a niche, these ready softwares can be customized as per the scope of the project. 

BlueKaktus is flexible and easy to integrate with external technologies to adopt future enhancements. It comes with a well-designed implementation process which makes the adoption extremely easy for the end users. 


It is not easy to make the ‘build vs. buy’ decision for your company overnight. You need to weigh all the pros and cons before making a long-time commitment. You can contact our team and analyse for yourself if we meet all your requirements or not.


Don’t hesitate. Give us a call and book your free demo today!

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