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The time and action module is an essential tool for fashion companies to track the various operations required in the process of completing an order. TNA eliminates the hassles of routine tasks and monitors important milestones through timely alerts. Hence, the TNA benefits the fashion companies to explore every single operation with the aspect of, when to begin? when to end? Is the process according to the plan? In short, a time and action module defines the ideal date/period within which the major movements of an order should occur against a scheduled delivery.

Features of BlueKaktus TNA


  • Mobile-enabled
  • Ensures timely deliveries
  • Profitability Analysis per order
  • Track orders and quantities
  • Document Repository
  • Social Page
  • API Integration
  • Excel Reports

Benefits of BlueKaktus TNA

  • Reduces lead time by 15-20%
  • Real-time analysis of data
  • 5-10% reduction in costs
  • 100-200% increase in merchandiser’s productivity
  • 40-80% improved bottom lines
  • 50-100% improvement in inventory holding

Why Do We Need an Effective T&A?

Customers want their orders quickly, doesn’t matter how they’re placed and how extensive the customization. If you take too long, you’re in to lose their repeat business. The bottom line: Lead time is a crucial factor and reducing it can have a major impact on your business. A successful time and action plan help to streamline the pre-production activities at a different level.

Here are simple thumb rules of what an effective T&A needs to be:


Focus on Key Milestones – Activities and deadlines should focus on some key milestones Track individual and department performance against these milestones and not each micro activity. After all, if the PP Sample gets approved on time, then does it matter if the First Fit was one day late!

Create a weekly Review Cycle to consider and examine how the key events are being met. Minutes of the T&A review conference must be kept and circulated to different stakeholders so that follow-up action is tracked. This is very significant and often never done.

Record decisions and corrective actions in a simple easy-to-use tracking tool – Where such information can be pulled up to delve into the history of a style.

Keep it Simple. T&As are not meant to micro-manage anyone. So, don’t clutter with too many details.
T&A is not a checklist – T&A helps to collaborate efficiently with the rest of the organization to improve performance. So, use it for interacting with other departments about what you are doing and what you require from them for an order.

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