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The Future of Quality Inspections in the era of Industry 4.0

In the new age of industry 4.0, automation and data manipulation have become the way fashion companies operate. We’ve already heard about new advancements like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, and augmented & virtual reality in the manufacturing industry. The future of the quality control department is also inspired by these advancements in technology. Virtual inspections are a reality now, improving the existing traditional quality tools.


BlueKaktus’ Zed-Q quality control application helps fashion companies in digitizing their quality processes with the help of an advanced mobile application. With minimum training and reskilling required and zero additional capital requirements, this application enables quality inspectors to perform virtual audits and track quality operations in real time. There are several benefits that can be enjoyed by quality departments while using Zed-Q in their journey towards smart quality control.


Real-Time Quality Monitoring:

The manual quality process doesn’t offer real-time visibility which often results in poor communication and delayed operations. Zed-Q tracks defects and reworks on a real-time basis. Because the entire process is transparent, it reduces the chances of garments going waste and decreases rework time. It increases efficiency by identifying the source of the defects using live heat maps.


Cloud Management Data:

In traditional quality methods, if any quality inspector/ checker is unavailable or leaves the company, it becomes a challenge to retrieve past data related to quality. By using Zed-Q, stakeholders can have quick access to all the styles, orders, and tech-packs which are stored securely on cloud servers. 


Quality Intelligent Reports:

Automation and industry 4.0 when combined with data analytics, helps in identifying errors and quick rectification. Zed-Q offers graphical dashboards which results in proactive decisions. Factories can update and review quality status on the go for better insights.


Optimal Resource Allocation:

The application offers real-time tracking of work in progress to maintain smooth material flow within the departments. It identifies bottlenecks and avoids chances of starvation or overfeeding in any department. 


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