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Speed to Market

Effective supply chain
management includes searching the ideal balance between being able to sustain
production levels and simultaneously keep inventory levels maintained. There
are several aspects to supply chain management, but a quick response can be the
most significant.

More than 30% of the time in the supply chain is
wasted in waiting for the next step to take place. Quantifying waiting time and
what it costs in terms of lead time is critical in figuring out how to
efficiently integrate the supply chain. BlueKaktus module helps in reducing the
wait time, providing speed to market.

Below are some factors that explain why speed is important in
supply chain management-:

Changing Trends
Fashion trends change very quickly. Speed to
market with changing trends is the key. Therefore, we need to maintain pace
with the fast-moving world by supplying the latest trends to market at the

Raw Materials Availability
Efficient supply chain administration starts with
retaining enough raw materials and supplies on hand to maintain constant
production. It’s crucial to act fast and anticipate when supplies are about to
run short so that orders can be placed in time.

Keeping Customers Happy
Keeping customers satisfied, who give continuous
orders are critical for any business. Also, the quicker you deliver, the faster
you get the payments. BlueKaktus helps you to achieve 100% order fulfilment in
time through the pro-activeness built in the tool.

Controlling Inventory
Maintaining inventory levels is a significant part
of supply chain management. Inventory levels must never fall so short that it
leads to difficulty in filling orders. On the other hand, too much inventory
can be a sign of lower demand and can lead to the stockpiling of finished
products with nowhere to go. This leads to product discounting that is often
used to spur sales and reduce inventory.

How BlueKaktus Helps in Speeding up the Process of Supply
Chain Management?

Lead Time Compressor
BlueKaktus apparel management software not only
benefits you by significantly reducing your overall lead time but also enables
you to micromanage all orders through a single platform.


BlueKaktus’ intelligent software assists in
decision making, thereby enabling close to accurate postponement strategy and
hence optimizing inventory.

Merchandiser Productivity Enhancer

With everything digitized, all processes are
automated ensuring a personalized control system. BlueKaktus software for the
textile industry guarantees Merchandiser Productivity to go as high as 100%.

Material Optimiser

BlueKaktus fashion software presents tools that
can assist in decreasing the amount of wastage.

Downtime Reducer

The software can help increase OTIF significantly
through certain tools & techniques.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The software offers shipping and order
administration through fully automated order lifecycle management and on-time
shipment through order tracking.

Optimized Inventory Management

Automatic Inventory Management System helps keep
storage costs low and service rates high.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our system tracks the entire product lifecycle
through the integrated supply-chain management system.

Accurate Financial Data

Reduce operating costs and increase revenue by
eliminating discrepancies caused by unreliable financial data.

Seamless Communication

Seamless communication between different
departments, therefore there is no delay in any process.

Increased Sales

The software also helps in improved understanding
of sales information and quicker reaction.

Due to skewed margins, fashion companies are
fighting for every production rupee which can be saved. This results in a
reluctance to invest in new technology, but manufacturers and fashion companies
need to investigate and understand the additional value that the advanced
technologies can deliver

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