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Pioneering a Sustainable Sourcing Supply Chain with Virtual Audits

The way fashion is produced and consumed has been dramatically scaled and sped up over the past 30 years. This resulted in increased pressure on apparel retailers to achieve lower costs with shorter lead times. The fast-fashion supply chain in the garment industry has created an environmental injustice at different stages of its lifecycle including production, inspection, logistics, disposal, etc. To combat this, fashion companies must shape a robust sustainability agenda that meets both social  as well as environmental imperatives. 


BlueKaktus is creating a world of limitless possibilities for fashion makers with enormous potential to promote sustainability with virtual audits. It makes the entire quality audit process digital & paperless where vendors can perform their quality processes on a single platform that can be accessed by the brands from any corner of the world. 


Virtual audits are the need of the hour for the apparel industry to pave a digital path towards a sustainable supply chain. As more and more people shift towards virtual audits, it reduces the carbon footprints by eliminating physical travel, promoting a more sustainable fashion supply chain. 


According to Mckinsey’s sustainability insights, there has been an increase in socially driven consumers, over the last two years. While the consumers remain sustainably conscious, the fashion supply chain still doesn’t take the above factor into account. Hence, apparel companies need to shift to sustainable ways to remain competitive in the market as fashion giants like Arvind, ABRFL, Reliance, etc. have already taken their first step towards sustainable supply chains.


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