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Improve Inventory Visibility with Omni Channel Retailing Module

New-age retail brands are expanding their horizons by selling through multiple channels for ensuring customer retention. Due to acceleration post-COVID-19, many consumers have drastically changed how they shop. Apparel brands need to have an Omni-channel strategy to deliver a consistent brand experience for customers across multiple touchpoints. As more and more fashion companies move towards a multi-channel retail strategy, the need for improved visibility on inventory increases. It is critical for apparel companies to stay ahead of the demand curve and avoid the situations of over-stock/ under-stock.  

Smart platforms like BlueKaktus manage multiple warehouses at different locations, transfers orders, streamline warehouse operations and generate insightful reports for taking timely decisions. BlueKaktus Fashion supply chain management platform, allocate inventory, integrates APIs with retailer websites, and eCommerce platforms, and helps fashion brands get the best sales outcomes. The Omni-Channel module comes with a WMS application that helps you manage your warehouse, and returns as well as integrate with standard financial accounting applications. There are certain benefits that come with BlueKaktus’ Omni-Channel Retail module: 

  • Manage multiple warehouses globally by tracking all the activities through a single platform in real-time. 
  • Minimize distances involved in transportation by ensuring timely deliveries.  
  • Analyze top-selling styles with advanced analytical dashboards and stock aging reports. 
  • Manage inventory across different channels by monitoring stock levels and redirecting POs to the warehouse with low stock.  
  • Have improved visibility of inwards and returns in real-time. 
  • Upload all the existing transactions to the system with the help of excel sheet template import.  
  • Receive notifications and alerts to prevent stock-outs.
  • Third-party integration can be done with Accounting and PLM software. 

Still wondering how it works? Schedule a meeting and a demo with our team today to understand how the industry’s most integrated Omni-channel retail management system can help your fashion business. 

An Omni-channel strategy by fashion brands can only be successful if fashion companies adopt technology-enabled decision-making at the core of all their operations. There is a need for a centralized platform to manage multiple locations globally. BlueKaktus’ Omni-Channel Retail module offers cloud-based solutions that focus on all the warehouse operations with the help of a single screen.