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How to Optimize Inventory during severe Supply Chain Disruptions?

With the extension of globalization, supply chain disruptions such as demand volatility, logistic issues, increased lead times, inaccurate forecasting, etc. are likely to increase for the fashion industry. These disruptions ultimately impact the bottom lines and the brand’s reputation. In case of severe disruptions, fashion leaders sometimes face problems with managing inventory. Knowing when to order, how much to order, and where to store stock, becomes an issue. Businesses want an accurate inventory level to ensure client orders are fulfilled, shipment turnaround times are improved and situations like stock out/oversell are avoided. 

There is a need for tech-based platforms that can prevent the damage done by disruptions in the fashion supply chain. Self-correcting, AI embedded inventory tracking systems that work on a real-time basis are the need of the hour. It’s difficult to successfully manage a disruptive global supply chain without using automated cloud systems like BlueKaktus.

BlueKaktus can manage inventory levels and lead times on a real-time basis. It proactively plans and re-orders stock to meet future sales requirements with its advanced auto-replenishment system. This is done by updating suppliers via application to place orders for raw materials in the right quantity and at the right time. This accurate planning is based on the sales data updated on a daily basis. With a strong set of features, BlueKaktus provides cloud-based inventory management solutions that are perfect for fashion companies of any size.  

Some of the key features that can help fashion companies optimize inventory during supply chain disruptions are as follows:

·       Track and optimize inventory levels both at vendor and warehouse locations.

·       Analytical dashboards provide a real-time view of raw material as well as finished goods inventory.

·       Accurate data for in-store inventory to fulfill buyers’ demand.

·       Auto-generation of replenishment orders to avoid the chances of under/ overstock.

·       Monitors vendor dispatch and production order with a single click.

·       Reduces inventory holding by 40-50% while maintaining SLA levels.

·       Tracks actual sales data against the sales projections.

Apparel businesses must navigate the operational challenges of supply chain disruptions while rapidly addressing customer needs. By investing in the right technology and taking the right decisions, supply chain leaders can convert massive supply chain disruptions into opportunities. To know more about how BlueKaktus can help in optimizing inventory, please feel free to contact our team at www.bluekaktus/

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