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How Fashion Companies can use their Data Effectively with BlueKaktus?

The importance of data has
been gradually acknowledged by fashion professionals to improve sales and
margins because fashion retailers/ brands need to develop, manufacture and sell
styles that resonate with consumers. Fashion organizations are spending millions
of dollars every year to retain all the past information within the company. In
order to eliminate the chances of errors and duplication of work, companies
need the data organized and easily referable.

The traditional paper-based methods of recording
and sharing data are both time-consuming and error-prone. This can have a major
detrimental effect on the entire product development process. Not only are
these manual methods inefficient but also cost-prohibitive. This becomes a real
concern when you consider how tightly apparel margins are already squeezed.

How BlueKaktus can help you overcome this problem
It is important to institutionalize knowledge as
experience for future reference. BlueKaktus helps in storing and creating
correlations between different events. Organizes the data in the required
format helping eliminate manual processes and clerical work.

Data is the key
Fashion brands/ retailers have become aware of the
importance of data analytics in their business decision-making. More efforts are
being made to effectively use the data internally available within the company.

This is where BlueKaktus comes into play. Designed
specifically for fashion enterprises who want to maintain, store and use a
large amount of product-related data across the entire business processes. The
software can manage images, colors, raw materials, and costs that help fashion
company to generate SKU information directly from the system.

Enterprise Resource Planning
The BlueKaktus Cloud ERP solution provides an
integrated view of the entire business, in real-time, capable of tracking all
business resources while keeping a record of business commitments. Our Solution
is made up of different applications, enabling the various business functions
to automatically share vital business data seamlessly.

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