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Future of Fashion Technology

Refining and developing fashion manufacturing processes allow designers with limitless possibilities. The ever-growing digital world opens up new opportunities, both in the creative process and the way we communicate with and discover fashion.

Countless Opportunities for Technology in the Fashion Industry

With firms and brands growing in various areas of the fashion industry, there is a true trend towards using technology to build a positive customer experience. With refining processes in manufacturing and sourcing departments, there are emerging new fibres and blends to create a diversity of product offerings.

Collaborations are leading to exciting new products by utilizing the skills of different industries to create something inventive and efficient. These infinite possibilities have more scope to evolve yet, with a constant stream of the latest and exciting pushing the fashion industry towards the tomorrow.

Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Fashion Manufacturing

The Rise of Machine Learning

A machine’s capability to learn and adopt intelligent human behaviour is not new. Today, these high-level algorithms are remodelling the way the fashion manufacturing industry receives information, performs skilled labour, and predicts buyer’s behaviour. Some even predict themes in trending designs, styles, silhouettes and colours, and provide customer sentiment around products and runway images. Some are almost taking the place of humans to detect the right time and the right product for a brand’s ideal customer.

Supply-Chain Optimization 

The demand for frictionless customer experience requires speeding up lead times to ensure timely delivery without sacrificing quality. This is why many corporations have centralized the complete process of sourcing, creative and technical design, samples, production, and shipping “in-house” to make the service quicker and reach the supply chain efficiency. To be smart, all the units must have a real-time flow of data to ensure everyone has access to the same data and the same version of the latest products.

Rapid Data Analysis for Quick Adaptation

Customers continually growing expectations of consistent manufacturing quality is switching every logic of the production process. Real-time data can assist to compete in the market, transforming manufacturing with the use of the Internet. Nowadays, future-ready factories can receive real-time feedback and alerts companies of defective or damaged goods, contributing to save money and eliminate waste, delivering adequate products at the perfect time.

The technologies enabling real-time data capture are fueling a revolution in manufacturing quality too. Programmable logic controllers are now commonplace across many apparel manufacturing operations, providing real-time data on machine quality, reliability, and performance.

BlueKaktus cloud-based solution effectively optimizes communication and production within factories. It allows everyone in design teams and factories to learn about changes in tech packs in real-time, eliminating the whole manual process and emailing, making tech pack 70% faster than traditional methods.

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