Here are some of the signs that your current system/software is limiting your business growth:
    1. a) Increasing customer complaints about poor service.


    1. b) Using multiple systems for the same task


    1. c) Failing to get accurate, up-to-date information for decision-making


    1. d) Using handwritten notes/reports because it's easier than using the current system
    2. e) Having to enter the same data into more than one system
    3. f) Inability to expand the business due to limitations of current Working/information system


    1. g) Lost or corrupted data


    1. h) Inability to accurately track inventory at various stages


  1. i) Big variance in Planned vs. Actual costing in orders

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are a good candidate for a new information system. The return on investment from implementing the BlueKaktus system can be very attractive.

The BlueKaktus system will help deliver solid customer satisfaction by improving on-time shipments, automating clerical tasks, reducing inventory and providing accurate information to facilitate informed decision making.

The Shop Floor chaos is eliminated by proper scheduling and material control. Billing and delivery errors are eliminated using system automation. The BlueKaktus system lets you "Build Your Business" by putting you in control of your organization.

BlueKaktus offers the functionality, technology platform and implementation expertise to help you realize the full benefits of an ERP solution.

Our Clients have experienced a very fast ROI once they went live. If Management is committed and users are utilizing the system properly, there is no reason why anyone won’t be benefited within a few months of implementation of the BlueKaktus system.

BlueKaktus is not a general ERP system. BlueKaktus is a niche software made only for garment manufacturers and exporters. Our experience from Parent company “Royal Embroidery” was the back bone of BlueKaktus. “Royal Embroidery” has been in the business of garment exports since the past 50 years for European buyers like H &M etc. This gives us the experience, expertise, and an eye for intricate issues that only a garment manufacturer would understand from experience.

ERP solutions in the market are not made keeping in mind the Garment manufacturing sector and they do not have garment manufacturing and exporting experience as we do. Such generic software have superfluous detail which is either confusing or not required.

Traditional and standard costing systems track costs as products pass from raw materials, to work in progress, to finished goods, and finally to sales. Such systems are called 'sequential tracking systems' because the accounting system entries occur in the same order as purchases and production, where management desires to track direct material and labor time to individual operations and products. This working methodology is being followed in garment manufacturing sector and thus sequential tracking can be utilized in the BlueKaktus software.

We release the new features free of cost to our existing clients, covered under the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), as and when the BlueKaktus system is upgraded.

BlueKaktus doesn’t have a fixed cost, as different clients have different requirements. These costs vary with the number of users and locations, as well as the number of modules that are purchased. Kindly contact our sales team and explain your requirements to them, they will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Yes, individual modules can be bought if you would prefer to start with low cost system. You can keep upgrading your system with new modules at any time. But we recommend at least 3 modules to start with, i.e., merchandising module, procurement module and production module as these can help you start off and comfortably help you in monitoring your business and start realizing ROI. You can buy more modules as desired at a later date and go for phased implementation.

Our experience shows that we need less than 100 Man hours to implement BlueKaktus, if we have target oriented client and end users are result oriented. We are experts in Change management and this course of implementation won’t really involve BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) as BlueKaktus is flexible enough to be integrated in your present work culture.

At the same time if you feel the need to undergo Business Process Re-engineering, our implementation experts help individual departments learn the right working methodology, and thus make your business realize a paradigm shift. Having said this, usually implementation requirements are client specific.

We usually do not charge anything for training and implementation. It is provided free of cost to all our clients. However,in special cases, where a client demands that we act as a “Management Consultant” and help our clients in “Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)”, we do charge them on a man hour basis, which is usually decided based on an “Initial Audit” and “Functional Review”.

Yes, many of our customers run multi-company or multi-division operations. The BlueKaktus System provides extensive multi-plant capabilities throughout all applications. Multiple divisions existing in a single company, and multiple companies existing in a single business entity can be managed by this system.

Yes, BlueKaktus is sold globally, and with the benefit of modern technology, client support across the globe can be handled through the head office.

The BlueKaktus System offers complete multi-currency functionality. In today's global economy, your system must allow you to conduct transactions with customers and vendors using their native currencies. The robust multi-currency and sales tax capabilities offered by BlueKaktus are unparalleled in the industry.

We do not charge our clients on a per user basis. You can have unlimited users once the system is live. We understand the garment manufacturing industry and realize the need for unlimited user license. If there is change in this policy because of inevitable business demand, the same would be reflected here and you would be notified.

The balance between making data available to the users that need it and denying it to those who should not have access is not easy to achieve. To manage this risk your company needs to implement an appropriate access strategy. Do not wait for an embarrassing – and potentially devastating – event to find out that security and controls in your system are inadequate.

      Consider the following security issues:


    • Are you certain that sensitive information cannot be displayed to unintended users?
    • Can critical functions only be performed by the right people in your organization?
    • Does your system give the users access to all the relevant information, to make the optimum decisions?
    • Are you confident that you have appropriate security and control over your data?
    • Does it comply with external and internal audit requirements?


    • Does it eliminate the disclosure of confidential information?


  • How reliable is your network?

Managing security of information flowing into and out of your organization has never been more critical – or more challenging. As businesses grow, their information systems support whole communities of users: customers, suppliers, partners and employees, who all count on the secure exchange of a wide variety of information to place orders, pay bills and keep records up to date.

Customers, vendors, partners and employees all need access to the right information at the right time and, increasingly, from anywhere. Yet these users work on many different systems and access data from multiple locations with different passwords and authorizations.

The BlueKaktus System addresses your security needs in authentication, access control and user management. An integrated solution identifies the user, determines what the user can do, determines the level of authorization the user should receive, and protects your data.

Our system security specialists have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your system includes a tailored, cost-effective security approach that dovetails with your firewall, virus scanner and spam control.

A "Big Bang" approach means you stop using your existing system one day and your entire company goes live on the new system the next day. The alternate approach is a phased, module by module, implementation (we call it the “Rolling Steps” approach). In the garment manufacturing sector, usually we recommend to opt for the “Rolling Steps” approach as it is difficult to stop the ongoing work even for an hour because of tight shipment schedules and last minute production issues.

The “Big Bang” implementation approach is being followed by few ERP providers but the same doesn’t work in the garment manufacturing scenario and our consulting experts do not recommend the same. In case a client wants to follow “Big Bang” approach, we consider it only after reviewing the running “Business Process”, and advice accordingly.