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End-to-End Supply Chain for Manufacturers

Supply chain operations are complex with multiple stakeholders and limited visibility across the channel. As the business involves multiple steps from receiving the order to final delivery, it is time-consuming and errors prone, having to monitor the progress at every level. To make informed decisions, it is highly critical to track all the activities in different departments.


BlueKaktus can help fashion companies manage end-to-end supply chain operations by offering different modules in a bundled offering or can be implemented separately. Different stakeholders in the fashion business such as manufacturers, retailers and sourcing companies can leverage BlueKaktus to improve their end-to-end supply chain operations. 


BlueKaktus for Manufacturers


BlueKaktus manufacturing platform can be implemented by apparel manufacturers to improve operational performance by 20-50 % and provide visible productivity gains. It uses data-driven insights to understand your customers, engage with them confidently and deliver on your brand promise. Following are the modules that can be linked seamlessly for a 360-degree view of your business which in turn gives you more control over your fashion supply chain:


·      Merchandising: With OCR and auto BOM creation, you can receive sample requests and track the status with one click. BlueKaktus is known to enhance merchandisers’ productivity by 100-200% with this advanced tool.

·      Inventory Management:  Generate purchase indents, check raw material’s quality and track inventory level at any stage of the production cycle with BlueKaktus. It improves inventory turns by 50-100%. 

·      Production Planning: Perform line-wise planning with automated production plan through BlueKaktus’ iPPC module. You can track planned vs actual production status and generate efficiency reports.

·      Production Tracking: Track in-house production and job-work status in a single click. BlueKaktus TNA gives alerts and notifications, reducing 10-15% of lead times.

·      Compliance: BlueKaktus has regulatory compliance tracking capabilities. With automation and real-time access to information, it makes it easier for manufacturers to ensure that regulatory compliance challenges are met on time. 

·      Commercial & Logistics: Generate invoices & packing lists with Bluekaktus’ commercial module. You can track export incentives and reimbursements which can make the commercial documentation extremely easy.  


Improved transparency in supply chain processes results in a better understanding of the risks that can be reduced through timely actions. BlueKaktus is disrupting fashion supply chain management by facilitating smarter decision-making and real-time data availability. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for all your operational needs, contact our team.

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