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End-to-End Supply Chain for Brands

Supply chain operations are complex with multiple stakeholders and limited visibility across the channel. As the business involves multiple steps from receiving the order to final delivery, it is time-consuming and errors prone, having to monitor the progress at every level. To make informed decisions, it is highly critical to track all the activities in different departments.


BlueKaktus can help brands, retailers and sourcing companies manage end-to-end supply chain operations by offering different modules in a bundled offering or can be implemented separately. Different stakeholders in the fashion business such as manufacturers, retailers and sourcing companies can leverage BlueKaktus to improve their end-to-end supply chain operations. 


BlueKaktus for Brands


BlueKaktus is bridging the digital gap in the apparel & lifestyle industry’s supply chain through a comprehensive sourcing software platform. With the consumer’s growing expectations, fashion retailers & sourcing companies face huge pressure to fulfill the unpredictable demand with a shorter turnaround time. BlueKaktus caters to this highly fragmented supply chain by integrating standard platforms. Implementing the BlueKaktus platform, which consists of productivity modules, can help fashion retailers and sourcing brands in adapting to ever-changing consumer expectations through best-in-class merchandise planning, allocation, tracking and warehouse solutions. The modules include:


·      Product Development: BlueKaktus keeps a track of development history from inquiry to order placement. You can track samples by item, category, brand, geography or merchant and create a tech-pack within seconds. 

·      Auto Replenishment System: BlueKaktus helps in tracking and optimizing inventory levels both at vendor & warehouse locations. It monitors vendor dispatch with a single click, reducing inventory holding by 40-50%. 

·      Compliance: Sourcing companies can track vendor factory audits and quality audits with BlueKaktus’ compliance module. Visual dashboards can be used for tracking the stages in compliance. 

·      PLM: BlueKaktus is a one-stop solution for tracking the entire product lifecycle from buyer inquiry to shipment. It keeps a track of all the document repositories and generates KPIs for all the stakeholders in the supply chain.

·      Costing: Fashion companies can analyze three-level costing with BlueKaktus and can be integrated with third-party solution providers. It has dashboards for tracking planned costing vs actual cost involved in the operations and reduces 5-7% annual costs.

·      Quality: BlueKaktus helps in tracking defects and reworks on a real-time basis, reducing the chances of errors and increasing efficiency. BlueKaktus Zed-Q helps the quality checkers to uplift the quality inspection processes with an ROI of 500%.


Improved transparency in supply chain processes results in a better understanding of the risks that can be reduced through timely actions. BlueKaktus is disrupting fashion supply chain management by facilitating smarter decision-making and real-time data availability. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for all your operational needs, then contact our team.


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