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Building a Strong Data Culture in your Organisation

Any organizational change requires months of planning and acceptance from employees to happen. Creating a long-lasting data culture is one such organizational change that is imperative in today’s world of automation & innovation. Data-driven culture paves the way for taking smart business decisions on the back of strong analytics. Once you treat data as an asset for the company, it improves process flows,  helps raise efficiencies and decreases operational costs. 

There are certain benefits that a company can get by using a data-driven platform, which are: 

  • Create a First Mover Advantage: Data and analytics can help you gain a competitive edge by letting you react faster to market changes. It is easier for companies to predict future trends, and customer behavior and identifies new potential opportunities faster. 
  • Faster Decision Making: data-led insights result in faster and more reliable decision-making. 
  • Identify Bottlenecks: With a powerful data-driven culture, you can minimize the cycle time and spot the bottlenecks in real-time. 

BlueKaktus aims to empower employees by eliminating the use of excel sheets and keeping all the data on a single platform. Our platform helps management in fashion enterprises make strategic decisions by leveraging the power of intuitive AI & ML algorithms. Once the data is fed into the system, it can be used to eliminate lengthy manual data entry processes. It leverages past data to gain insights and identify new opportunities for business with improved operations. It allows fashion organizations to use evidence-based data to plan carefully & pursue their business objectives. Even when an employee leaves the organization, the data remains within the company in the form of a repository. Any apparel company using a data-driven system like BlueKaktus is expected to grow its business volume at an average of more than 30% annually. 

The importance of a data-driven culture has been acknowledged by many leading fashion companies to improve sales and profit margins. It is critical to optimize data for making strategic decisions by adopting emerging technologies. To introduce data-driven culture in your organization, please contact our team at