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BlueKaktus TNA- For stitching the fashion supply chain & cutting lead time

From sourcing a fabric to constructing a garment, the fashion industry supply chain tends to be complex, containing multiple stakeholders with endless follow-ups. Having the right Time and Action Calendar in place is extremely important for any company to reduce the complexity in this supply chain. 


From receiving an order to completing it on time, it is also critical to manage the transparent information flow and streamline operations in the organization. Fashion companies have to take necessary steps of changing the traditional way of working and adopt newer technologies to have a competitive advantage. It’s time for fashion companies to look at these automation tools to reduce costs, optimize labour, improve quality and enhance operational efficiency. 


BlueKaktus is an advanced cloud based software that goes beyond conventional management systems. With its automated TNA calendar, it offers the fashion companies speed to market and ensures teams in different locations to collaborate seamlessly on a single platform. The calendar can be linked with Sampling, Costing, Production and Post-production modules for a 360-degree view. It streamlines operations with ease and eliminates the hassles of routine tasks. 


BlueKaktus’ TNA benefits the fashion companies by allowing them to monitor important milestones through timely alerts starting from PO generation to final shipment of garments.


Some of the key benefits that BlueKaktus’ TNA offers to the apparel industry are:

1.  Reduces lead time by 15-20%

2.  Real-time analysis of data

3.  5-10% reduction in annual cost

4.  100-200% increase in merchandiser’s productivity

5.  40-80% improved bottom lines

6. 50-100% improvement in inventory holding


With an overall lead time reduction, key customers who require orders quickly can be offered deliveries in half the normal lead time. This means that, in an industry which is chronically struggling with long lead times and poor reliability, a company adopting BlueKaktus can build for itself a competitive edge based on shorter lead times with better capacity utilization. 


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