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BlueKaktus TNA: A Critical Tool for Your Fashion Business

If your regular tailor can deliver a shirt in 3 days, why do large apparel companies require 120 days to produce a garment? The fashion supply chain is becoming more complex due to the pandemic, resulting in an increase in waiting time. Poor visibility across channels makes it even worse for different stakeholders to interact seamlessly and react proactively.


Waiting for fabric delivery and status visibility remain serious problems for fashion manufacturers. In certain circumstances, the time lost in waiting for raw material by the pre-production department is unavoidable. BlueKaktus’ TNA can bring in transparency with its advanced TNA calendar. It keeps a track of all the ongoing activities in an organization in real-time with a simple mobile application. It gives a red alert in case of any delays to rectify those errors in no time by quickly looking for alternatives and taking proactive decisions. 


Poor vendor management leads to a huge gap between vendors and brands. Many fashion leaders still rely on traditional methods of communication with their vendor base(e-mails, phone calls, etc.). BlueKaktus Time & Action calendar offers a unique single platform for all the stakeholders to communicate seamlessly. It formulates a document repository based on orders, styles, or buyers that can be viewed anytime by anyone. Past business decisions between stakeholders and well-honed experience curves that get lost with constant human capital churn can be retrieved by using these document repositories available with BlueKaktus TNA.


Sometimes, line supervisors and operators face a huge problem in tracking the products gone for job-work. BlueKaktus TNA can give RFID-based tracking of production status as well as job work status in real-time. It also tracks WIP and analyses performance for merchandiser/ vendor/ line etc. Its graphical dashboards and Order Review Meeting (ORM) screen can simplify the tedious periodic performance meeting for the top-level managers. 


The retail scenario has completely changed from what it was a decade ago. Leading Fashion brand and their management teams require real-time data and end-to-end visibility of LIVE processes to be able to optimize process flows in their organizations. There is an increased need for departments to be transparent. BlueKaktus can play a vital role in improving visibility across all channels in the fashion supply chain. From receiving an order to final shipment,  senior management can have a 360-degree view of all the critical milestones and trackables.


BlueKaktus helps fashion companies in digitizing their platforms, keeping track of their activities in fashion sourcing and manufacturing operations, and thus taking proactive decisions for increased efficiency. It reduces the waiting time which ultimately reduces the lead time for any apparel & lifestyle company. 

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