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BlueKaktus Driving Sustainability in the Fashion Supply Chain

COVID-19 has made us acknowledge that economic, environmental and human health are all inter-connected. The fashion industry is undergoing a transformational phase with increasing levels of environmental consciousness that consumers have come to appreciate. Fashion leaders are constantly trying to change age old habits in order to take the essential steps towards a sustainable environment. 


The apparel industry is the second-biggest consumer of water with a staggering wastage of this precious resource with every garment taking about 50-70 litres of water to produce. Due to trends like fast fashion, a lot of raw material ends up being wasted because of over purchasing of stock, lower sales or inefficient processes throughout the production lifecycle. This waste impacts the environment significantly. 


Here, at BlueKaktus, we leverage AI & ML for improving efficiency that leads to sustainable solutions. We enable retailers to buy closer to the market which eliminates the risk of dead stock lying at retail warehouses. It is achieved by the prudent material resource planning which saves cost as the inventory levels are kept low. This is good for the environment.


In today’s Omni-channel sales and distribution network, supply chain control tends to be a big challenge. With an overloaded ports and man power shortages, managing supply chain logistics in the post pandemic world is a huge challenge. We at BlueKaktus, enable virtual audits which allows you to monitor things from distance and reduce carbon waste.


Shifting to cloud besides having an array of benefits to business unlocks benefits of sustainability as well. BlueKaktus can help you take that first step towards a sustainable fashion supply chain. Contact our team to get insights on how we make fashion supply chain agile, nimble and environment friendly.




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