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Automate your Production Floor with Smart Production Planning Tool

Traditional garment production floor involves manually operated labor-intensive processes with a heavy pressure to deliver on time. Due to fierce competition and demand for shorter lead times, sometimes it gets very challenging for garment manufacturers to manually allocate the right job order to the right production line. It is very critical to have an automated production plan in place to deliver produced garments on time and with effective utilization of resources. Automating the entire production planning process can provide a systematic & comprehensive approach on the production floor, eliminating the last-minute firefighting with order processing.

BlueKaktus’ Production Planning module, under its manufacturing platform, is a purpose-built solution designed exclusively for apparel manufacturers. It supports a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and a production plan to minimize the style change over time. This results in optimized delivery, efficient production and speed to market. BlueKaktus iPPC increases factory efficiency and performance through auto-planning based on batches, materials and deadlines. It has a simple yet highly impactful dashboard that delivers clear and accurate analytical data. Some of the standout features of BlueKaktus’ iPPC module are:

  1. Automatic multi-level production plan template – Batch/ Shift wise
  2. Easy access for line workers to view tasks on web/ mobile app
  3. Real-time shop floor reporting
  4. Real-time overview of the demand and availability of resources
  5. Visual Dashboards for easy analysis
  6. Integrated with TNA for better visibility
  7. Track the Planned Vs Actual performance
  8. Drag & Drop feature for easy planning

With BlueKaktus’ iPPC module, planning performance has shown to increase factory efficiencies up to 10%, leading to an overall cost reduction of up to 5%. Ideally, a factory with 300 operators is expected to save about INR 30 Lakhs/ annum. Investing in automation of the production planning process should be considered very critical for garment manufacturers. Precision in production planning results in on-time shipments, best use of labor and enough availability of raw material to execute every order. To know how you can automate your production floor, please contact our team at

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